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More About Falfurrias

Falfurrias, the county seat and principal trading center of Brooks County, is on State Highway 281 sixty miles southwest of Corpus Christi and ninety miles from Laredo in the northern part of the county. Its founding and development were largely the effort of Edward C. Lasater, pioneer Rio Grande valley rancher and land developer.

The name Falfurrias antedates Anglo association with the area, and its derivation is uncertain. Lasater claimed that it was a Lipan Indian word meaning “the land of Heart’s Delight”; others believed it was the Spanish name for a native desert flower known as the heart’s delight. According to local tradition, the shepherd’s land came to be known as La Mota de Don Falfurrias (la mota meaning “a grove of trees”), which eventually evolved into La Mota de Don Falfurrias and was finally shortened to Falfurrias [1].

1839 — Falfurrias Ranch Founded

Edward C. Lasater, pioneer Rio Grande valley rancher and land developer, who started a cattle ranch in what was then northern Starr County; his spread came to be known as Falfurrias Ranch, after La Mota de Falfurrias, the grove of trees he chose as the site of his headquarters. Image from Texas Tropical Trail.

1989 — Falfurrias Post Office

A post office under that name began operation in 1898.

1904 — City of Falfurrias Founded

To increase settlement in the area Lasater encouraged the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway to extend a line to his ranch. At the railway terminus four miles east of his ranch house he founded Falfurrias; he also changed the name of his ranch to La Mota. His Falfurrias Immigration Company set about attracting settlers by offering subdivided ranch land near the railroad at low prices and advertising extensively in the East and Midwest.

1906 — Founding of Falfurrias Facts Newspaper

The Falfurrias Facts began publication in 1906. Image from UNT Libraries.

1909 — Falfurrias Butter

Lasater established a creamery operation in 1909; he imported purebred Jersey dairy cattle to his ranch and eventually built what was said to be the largest Jersey herd in the world. Falfurrias butter is renowned. Image from Texas Standard.

1911 — Formation of Brooks County

In 1911 the state granted a petition by local residents to form a new county, with Falfurrias as the county seat.

1920s — Irrigation

Irrigation, introduced during the late 1920s, brought in truck farming and the citrus fruit industry, with Falfurrias as the shipping center.

1930s & 1940s — Oil & Gas

The discovery of extensive oil and gas reserves around Falfurrias in the 1930s and 1940s added a new dimension to the town’s growth and prosperity.

Things to do in Falfurrias

The Ed Rachal Memorial Library is a Public library. This library is affiliated with the library system that serves Falfurrias, TX. The collection of the library contains 27406 volumes. The library circulates 25139 items per year. The library serves a population of 7753 residents. Phone: (361) 325-2144 Address: 203 S Calixto Mora Ave, Falfurrias, TX 78355

The Heritage Museum, located right along the famous Chilsom Trail and the Texas Tropical Trail of Texas, is dedicated to the preservation of a frontier heritage in artifacts, relics, records, pictures, maps and personal papers of the early pioneer settlers whose deeds and adventures are so much a part of Texas History. The museum is governed by a Board of Directors. It is supported by donations and subsidized by the City of Falfurrias. The museum is open and free to the public on Tuesday through Saturday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Private tours by appointment. Closed Sunday, Monday and on National and State Holidays. Phone (361) 325-2907.

Located inside the Heritage Museum is the Texas Ranger Room. Over a hundred years ago the Texas Rangers were a shield between the pioneer settlers and a hostile land. Falfurrias was a shield with Company D, Texas Rangers, stationed here as an area headquarters. The Texas Ranger Room is dedicated to the Texas Rangers and their role in the history of Brooks County which was named for a famous Ranger — Captain James Abijah Brooks.

The Ranger Room features original guns, uniforms, records, personal memorabilia and pictures of famous Texas Rangers. The museum is also the home of 100 pairs of boots that were worn by Texas Rangers, including “Big Foot’ Wallace.If you have an ancestor or relative who has served in the Rangers, please send us his name and any information you may have pertaining to the time and place(s) of his service. A ranger roster is maintained here.

Which Type of Kratom is Right for You?

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  • White Kratom

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    Red vein Kratom is probably the most popular color. This strain is considered to have the most potent pain relieving properties of all the Kratom colors. Additionally, this color seems to be a favorite among customers kicking an opioid habit. Most red vein Kratom has high pain relief qualities, and, in higher doses, can have a sedative effect. For this reason, customers also use red vein Kratom to help them wind down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Green Kratom

    Green vein Kratom is somewhere right in the middle of white and red. Its a great blend of pain relief, while giving you a sense of wellbeing and focus for your day. Customers report that green vein Kratom is wonderful for social activities. This is because it helps to keep you bright and cheery, while also relaxed and comfortable. And of course, doesn’t leave you feeling tired or groggy the next day.

  • Yellow Kratom

    Yellow Kratom produces effects similar to green Kratom. The yellow color is not actually a result of the Kratom vein color itself, but results from a unique process used to dry this type of Kratom. Yellow Kratom mimics green vein’s pain relief and mood boosting properties, while also having a milder form of the energy boosting you might get from a white vein Kratom.

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