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Things to Do in South Padre

South Padre Island is a resort community on Park Road 100 at the southernmost tip of Padre Island in Cameron County. It is flanked on three sides by the Gulf of Mexico, Brazos Santiago Pass, and the Laguna Madre. The history dates from Spanish exploration in the sixteenth century. From the late nineteenth century into the 1950s, the only way to reach the area was by ferry. The island had become a resort during the mid-nineteenth century but was not developed until the 1950s after the completion of the Queen Isabella Causeway, now the Queen Isabella State Fishing Pier. A $2.2 million swing bridge connecting Port Isabel to South Padre Island was completed in February 1954.

Its main industry is tourism; peak seasons are late winter, spring, and summer. The community, in which many of the businesses and private homes are owned by foreigners, caters to an international clientele and, during Spring Break, to college students from the entire United States. Most of the businesses are related to the tourist trade-hotels, restaurants, condominiums, and souvenir shops. (source)

Kratom in south padre

Beach Park at Isla Blanca Ranked #1 Kid-Friendly attraction by Texas Family Magazine! Experience the Valleys premier entertainment destination. Getaway to the best the gulf coast has to offer a 25-acre waterpark paradise. Enjoy nearly two dozen world-class attractions, roar down 13 amazing water slides, soar nearly 10 stories high at 30 MPH on the Soaring Eagle zip-line, come up close and personal with native marine life in Sea Trek, an underwater Scuba experience, feast at several outdoor eateries or kick back and relax on the beach! Daily & Season Passes are available now!

The Whaling Wall is part of artist Wyland’s contribution to walls around the country. The Whaling Wall is featured at the South Padre Island Convention Centre and its located on the north end of the Island, approximately four miles north of the causeway.The title of Wyland’s Whaling Wall #53 is “Orcas off the Gulf of Mexico’. This magnificent mural takes up three sides of the convention center’s walls. Wyland’s purpose in painting these murals is to raise awareness to the dangers that these marine mammals face.Robert Wyland the artist was born in Detroit in the mid 1950’s. He has become famous painting enormous outdoor murals of marine life on buildings throughout the nation.

There’s never been a more exciting time in space exploration and never more opportunities to have a front seat to rocket history being made right here in South Padre Island. Thanks to the SpaceX Boca Chica launch site, just across the bay from South Padre Island, you can combine your love for all things space with some well-deserved island time. Here’s all you need to know to plan your visit for the next scheduled launch. The SpaceX South Texas Launch site is where some of the most advanced rockets are being tested for everything from near orbital satellite deployments to the Mars mission.

Which Type of Kratom is Right for You?

There are three different color veins of Kratom, and each of them has different properties and produces a varying set of effects. Click on the colors below to learn more about the advantages of each.

  • White Kratom

    White vein Kratom usually has euphoric and mood boosting properties. It is said to provide an energy boost, too. In fact, white vein Kratom is comparable to a cup of coffee in the morning, according to some of our customers. This vein color helps with focusing throughout the day, and staying motivated and on task. Further, we have also heard reports of customers using this Kratom color as a pre-workout supplement. This Kratom will help keep you both physically and mentally alert all day long.

  • Red Kratom

    Red vein Kratom is probably the most popular color. This strain is considered to have the most potent pain relieving properties of all the Kratom colors. Additionally, this color seems to be a favorite among customers kicking an opioid habit. Most red vein Kratom has high pain relief qualities, and, in higher doses, can have a sedative effect. For this reason, customers also use red vein Kratom to help them wind down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Green Kratom

    Green vein Kratom is somewhere right in the middle of white and red. Its a great blend of pain relief, while giving you a sense of wellbeing and focus for your day. Customers report that green vein Kratom is wonderful for social activities. This is because it helps to keep you bright and cheery, while also relaxed and comfortable. And of course, doesn’t leave you feeling tired or groggy the next day.

  • Yellow Kratom

    Yellow Kratom produces effects similar to green Kratom. The yellow color is not actually a result of the Kratom vein color itself, but results from a unique process used to dry this type of Kratom. Yellow Kratom mimics green vein’s pain relief and mood boosting properties, while also having a milder form of the energy boosting you might get from a white vein Kratom.

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