Kratom Dose: How Much Kratom To Take

Kratom Dose: How much Kratom to take | Kratom CC | Kratom in Corpus Christi

Deciding on a Kratom dose can be tricky when you’re new to Kratom. You want to take enough to feel the effects but don’t want to take too much. In this blog, we’re talking about your Kratom dose, keeping track of it, and the side effects of taking too little or too much.

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What Is Kratom?

Before we dive into dosing, let’s take a quick refresher on what Kratom is. Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. This tree is related to the coffee family and can grow at heights up to 80 feet tall. The leaves from the Kratom tree have been in use for centuries in the traditional medicine practices of these areas. Additionally, field laborers would pluck the leaves from the tree and chew on them throughout the day. This would ward off fatigue and pain from their day’s work.

What Are the Effects of Kratom?

Kratom has many effects depending on the type of Kratom and how much you take. As hinted above, one of the major effects of Kratom, and the reason that most Kratom users use it, is pain relief. Kratom works in the body similarly to an opiate to block the brain’s perception of pain. For this reason, many people with chronic pain conditions such as MS and fibromyalgia flock to Kratom for these benefits.

Other possible effects of Kratom include improved mood, wakefulness, and ability to focus on tasks for long periods of time. Alternatively, Kratom may also promote calmness, and relaxation, and can become sedative. These factors will vary based on the color of Kratom that you take.

Taking Your First Kratom Dose

Before you take your first Kratom dose, have an idea of the effects you are seeking by taking Kratom. This will guide your Kratom selection. For instance, if you are seeking pain relief, you may choose a red Kratom strain.

Once you have chosen your particular Kratom strain, it’s time to decide on your first Kratom dose. People take anywhere from 2-12 grams of Kratom in a single dose. However, since it’s your first time we do not recommend taking large doses. In fact, we recommend starting at the very small end at 2 grams. You could even start with a microdose of fewer than 2 grams if you know your stomach is sensitive.

Keeping Track of Your Kratom Dose

We strongly urge that you keep track of your Kratom dose from the very first! We actually recommend that you dedicate a small notebook, or a document on your phone or computer for such purposes. In this space, record what time you took the Kratom dose, what type of Kratom it was, and how much was taken. From there, record the effects that you feel through your body.

With this method, you can observe your Kratom use and its effects. This gives you a tool to help adjust your Kratom dose as you go and see how the changes benefit you. As you become more experienced with Kratom and give yourself time to observe how Kratom and your body interact, you may consider upping your dose. With the help of your Kratom log, you can do so with confidence and control. We do recommend that you increase your dose incrementally, and not all at one time.

Side Effects

There are side effects to taking too much or too little Kratom. With taking too little Kratom, the side effect is simply that you may not get the desired benefits. This is especially true if you are looking to Kratom for pain relief or help to sleep. Taking a small dose of Kratom for these purposes may not induce as much pain relief, and could actually keep you awake!

The opposite is true for larger doses of Kratom. If you’re looking to stay awake through the day, a big dose of Kratom may make you sleepy. Regardless of strain, Kratom in higher doses can be sedative.

Once you pass the dose quantity of becoming sleepy, you may run into some issues with large doses. The most commonly reported side effects of taking too much Kratom are upset stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation. So, if you’re upping your dose, and you find yourself struggling in the bathroom — you’ve probably overdone it!

Kratom Dose — A Final Word

We at Kratom CC would like to stress that we advise starting small with your Kratom dose, and incrementally upping your dose until you get the desired results. We also highly recommend that you keep a log of your Kratom use so that you can track and pinpoint any unwanted side effects. Using these methods, you should be able to pinpoint the sweet spot of a Kratom dose that delivers the benefits you seek, with none of the adverse side effects of overdoing it.

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