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Kratom users take advantage of this all-natural botanical for anything from pain relief to anxiety reduction, to relief from opiate withdrawal.

Kratom Powder


$10/ 1 ounce

$80/ 9 ounces (252 grams)

$140/ 18 ounces (504 grams)

$225/ 36 ounces (1008 grams)

Kratom capsules


$20/ 50 caps

$100/ 300 caps

1 pack contains 50 caps (each capsule contains half a gram of Kratom)

Colors & Strains Available

Each strain is available in all 4 colors.

Strains: Super, Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, Malay, Indo, Thai, Vietnam, & Sumatra

Colors: Red, green, white, yellow

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