Kratom Effects

Kratom has effects that have been sought after for centuries. Hundreds of years ago, kratom’s effects were the subject of traditional medicine practices. Today, kratom’s effects have been studied by modern medicine and shown to have real benefits for those that use the natural botanical. In this blog, we’ll cover the many kratom effects that could be of use in your daily life.

What Is Kratom?

Before we get into Kratom effects, let’s review exactly what kratom is. Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree in the coffee family. This tree is native to Southeast Asia, where it has been in use in traditional medicine practices for centuries.

In these traditional medicine practices, kratom leaves would often be prepared into tea. Alternatively, field laborers commonly plucked leaves straight from trees and chewed on them throughout the day. This served to stave off pain and fatigue during their long work days.

Fresh kratom leaves are hard to find in the West, though. Today’s kratom is sold as kratom powder or kratom capsules. This is the result of harvesting, drying, and powdering the kratom leaves. The kratom we sell here at Kratom CC is made of 100% pure organic ground kratom leaves and never any additives.

Kratom Effects: Kratom CC

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Kratom Effects

If you checked out the infographic at the top of the page, you got a little preview of Kratom’s top effects. These include pain relief, opiate withdrawal symptom relief, help with falling and staying asleep, a boost in focus, and reductions in anxiety.

Pain Relief

The top reason people use kratom? Pain relief. In fact, pain relief is why an estimated 91% of kratom users today turn to the botanical. And those traditional medicine practices we mentioned? Those were mostly aimed at pain relief, too. Kratom is a very effective pain reliever.

Kratom works to treat pain by binding with our brains’ opioid receptor sites. In doing this, it produces the effect of analgesia, or the inability to feel pain. This happens by literally blocking your brain’s perception of painful stimuli.

Opiate Withdrawal

Many people have found relief from opiate addiction through kratom. There is an opioid epidemic in America that continues to get more deadly. Harsh prescription (and non-prescription) opiates are dangerous. And while kratom may interact with the same receptor sites as an opiate, kratom is not an opiate.

The biggest difference? Kratom does not cause respiratory depression in the way that opiates can. Respiratory depression is the common cause of opioid overdose death. So kratom interacts with the brain’s opiate receptors in a safer way. Additionally, it tricks these receptors enough to severely lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms and allow people to kick highly-addictive opioid habits.


Not getting enough sleep can cause continual, compound issues in your day-to-day life. With 1 in 3 adults not getting enough sleep, it’s no wonder so many turn to kratom to get a good night’s rest. Kratom is effective at helping to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Kratom’s secret to sleep is in the dose. Higher doses of kratom become more sedative. However, we never recommend starting with large doses. Start with a small dose, record your experiences, and incrementally increase your dose from there. In this way, you can find the kratom sweet spot that will have you dreaming sweet dreams all night long!


A stark contrast to falling asleep, we know. However, focus is another great benefit of kratom. Just like the key to sleep with kratom was in the dose, focus with kratom is all in the dosing. When you’re looking for a mental pick-me-up with kratom, go for small! This is not the time for bigger is better. Small doses of kratom are more akin to a morning cup of coffee, for that little jolt. Try a small kratom dose in the morning next time you’re feeling sluggish.


Kratom for anxiety has long been touted as beneficial through anecdotal evidence. However, science is catching up to the wives’ tales. Studies now show that in fact, kratom is as helpful as folks have been saying it is with boosting mood and lessening anxiety. Research now shows that “Mitragyna Speciosa contains indole alkaloids that target serotonin and dopamine signaling pathways and show promise as a treatment for depressive and psychotic disorders.”

Kratom Effects — A Final Word

Kratom has been sought after for its varying and beneficial effects for centuries! It is wonderful to see modern science now explain just how kratom works in all of these ways to benefit us. We can’t wait to see the continued research being done to uncover all of kratom’s potential.

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