What Does Kratom Feel Like?

If you’ve never taken Kratom before, you may be wondering what does Kratom feel like? And that’s a pretty good question. Many people also want to know does Kratom get you high? In this post, we’re going to discuss the answers to both of these questions, and hopefully offer you more perspective on just what Kratom feels like.

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What Is Kratom?

Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. This tree, which can grow at heights up to 80 feet tall, has leaves with unique properties. Traditionally, these leaves have been used in traditional medicine practices for hundreds of years. Additionally, workers in Southeast Asia would historically pluck the leaves directly from the tree, chewing on them throughout the day to ward off fatigue and pain.

What Does Kratom Feel Like?

What does Kratom feel like is a hard question to answer! And for several reasons. First, there are different colors of Kratom, and even more strains of each color from there. Each of these color varieties has their own properties, and each strain will have variations of each.

Additionally, every body is different. Your body will metabolize and interact with Kratom differently than your neighbors. A dose of Kratom for you may feel very different than that same dose of Kratom for them. So, the what does Kratom feel like question is kind of a personal one.

However, what Kratom feels like is probably best described in terms of the general effects you can expect from Kratom use.

Kratom’s Effects

While Kratom has many effects, it’s most famous for its pain-relieving properties. Kratom is great at relieving pain from both chronic pain conditions and daily aches. It works by actually blocking the brain’s perception of painful stimuli. For our customers with MS, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions, Kratom feels like relief.

Kratom can also be used to relax and feel calm after a long day. Some of our customers use this effect to help combat social anxiety issues. Others use Kratom’s calming effects to unwind from their day and help them prepare for sleep. For these Kratom users, Kratom feels like ease.

There are many, many people who struggle with addiction to opiates. One of Kratom’s miraculous effects is to bring relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms. This effect helps many people overcome their opiate addictions, and in turn, lead better lives. For Kratom users who overcome opiate addiction, Kratom feels like freedom.

Does Kratom Get You High?

The question does Kratom get you high is often included in the conversation of what Kratom feels like. And, we have to be frank here. If you’re looking to get ‘high,’ Kratom is not it. Kratom will not get you high. Kratom may help level out negative symptoms you are experiencing from other conditions. But Kratom itself will not cause any psychoactive effects. We encourage safe, responsible consumption of Kratom always.

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